Renda Daily Money Management will create a customized plan to streamline your daily financial affairs. 

Back Office Optimization

When most of your time is spent marketing, selling and performing services, the day-to-day tasks of managing the business can easily get neglected.   We can analyze your back office processes and help you implement plans to optimize and streamline your business operations.   Our consulting services can help your business become more efficient and profitable while freeing up your valuable time to grow the business.
  • Evaluate and assess your current processes
  • Develop tactical plans to address current and future needs
  • Oversee the implementation of strategic initiatives
Bookkeeping and Financial Analysis
Cashflow Management and Budgeting
Whether your business uses a single entry or double entry bookkeeping system, we can accurately record your daily financial transactions.   Acting as a "Personal CFO", we can develop an appropriate set of reports and ensure you understand the financial implications of your business decisions.
  • Track your invoices and help collect on outstanding accounts     
  • Record and prepare checks for all of your operating expenses
  • Reconcile your bank statements and record journal entries when applicable
  • Timely production and analysis of financial statements to ensure finances are aligned with your business goals
  • Experienced with both Quickbooks and Quicken
We can assist individuals and families in overcoming obstacles to achieve their full financial goals.
  • Prepare a full range of financial statements, including cashflow and net worth statements, to assess and monitor your current financial condition
  • Provide guidance for budget implementation, debt management and money saving strategies
  • Create comprehensive financial action plans to achieve short and long term goals
Daily Money Management
We can bring clarity and order to managing personal bills, budgets and record keeping.
  • Pay your bills and organize your record keeping systems to ensure easy access to your important paperwork
  • Consolidate and organize your income tax records and receipts in preparation for your annual tax filing
  • Manage your medical claims and insurance paperwork
  • Identify and eliminate wasteful paperwork no longer needed for record retention
  • Develop organized records of your tangible assets to assist with insurance claims and estate planning